Partner - Moana Institute Maui
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Moana Institute has partnered with the following respected Maui
organizations to further enhance your educational experience.

County of Maui State of Hawaii

Maui is the second-most-visited island in Hawaii with around 2.3 to 2.5 million visitors each year. Maui has received numerous accolades being voted #1 island in the world from Trip Advisor Travelers choice Award in 2016 and Conde Nast Traveler readers have voted Maui the #1 island in the WORLD for twenty years straight.

maui cultural lands logo

Maui Cultural Lands is a Maui-based grassroots land trust organization whose mission is to stabilize, protect, and restore Hawaiian cultural resources and was established as a non-profit organization in February of 2002 and is one of only a few land trust organizations on Maui targeting Hawaiian cultural lands along the coast and inland areas.

GungHo Sailing Maui high school

Whether you are looking to take a Learn-to-Sail Class, improve your knowledge in the Performance Sailing Class, bring your team and race in a local regatta, or create your own adventure, GungHo Sailing is committed to providing the best sailing experience possible.

Polanui Hiu logo

Polanui Hiu Lahaina -is comprised of a group of people concerned over the decline of our marine resources. Government regulation with proper enforcement is challenging and its effects can be seen in the lack of biodiversity and failing health of our reefs. Our culturally diverse communities have steered away from subsistence fishing and gathering to one of recreational use. This shift has changed our mindset from “take what you need to eat today,” to “take it all before there is none left.” Polanui Hiu believes that by working with people of like minds, like hearts, and like spirit, the reefs can begin to heal and find balance.


Hawaii Assoc. for Marine Education & Research. offers the scientific expertise to carry out field research on marine animals. This includes marine mammal stock assessment research as well as other investigative research on the biology and behavior of marine animals and their habitat. We also offer training and education services about marine mammals, research methodology, conservation, and current research findings.

Hawaiian islands land trust logo

Hawaiian Islands Land Trust – is a non-profit organization committed to working with private landowners, community groups, community leaders and government partners to protect Hawai‘i’s precious lands. Using a variety of tools, we help landowners integrate conservation into their land use plans in perpetuity. This collaborative work today helps to avert inappropriate land use tomorrow—and the benefits of conservation are triumphs that resound for all generations to come.